Future of the cannabis legalization

Future of the cannabis legalization

I, as well as many other pro-cannabis activists, hope that legalization of marijuana will become a “plague” that will spread throughout the USA. The global legalization of marijuana may be a dream, but we all hope that it will happen in western countries. The benefits it might bring are numerous, and the USA may see billions of dollars in revenue from marijuana taxes.

Medical marijuana dispensariesThe future where everyone is free to buy marijuana and use it for recreational purposes isn’t as near as we all hope. Results from Washington, and other states that legalized marijuana are excellent, and they show high revenue as well as a decrease in the investment toward marijuana laws enforcement. But the number of skeptics is still significant, and they will try anything to stop legalization from spreading throughout the states.

A good example of this might be the recent court hearing that was triggered by several states that border Washington. They went to Supreme Court with a plea to overthrow the legalization that happened in Washington because some of the pot ends up in their territory. The Supreme Court stated that they have no power over the state as the Congress can’t force a state to change its laws. This was expected, and it brought to light a strange situation that sees the clash of legislation. The use of marijuana is legal in Washington under its state laws, but it is illegal on the federal level.

The previous example shows the lack of will to legalize the pot on the national level. Some more conservative states also present the problem, and they fight against legalization by making arguments by the existence of a black market in states that did legalize it.

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Black markets still exist, and their existence will continue as long as the marijuana tax is too high. I think that people will buy weed illegally as long as the price of legal marijuana is more than double the amount of the illegal. States must lower the tax and bring the price of weed down, closer to the level of illegally sold cannabis. People will buy legally distributed marijuana only when states reduce the tax and make the weed affordable.